Digital transformation has initiated a new journey for organisations to explore. This hyper-connected world, where information is the commodity, enables organisations to accelerate the adoption of disruptive technologies such as AI, the internet of things, the metaverse and more. Organisations can leverage these technologies across all aspects of their business and into the everyday lives of their consumers.

It’s a new, exciting world for business. And with this change comes the opportunity to optimise efficiency, profitability and the overall consumer experience.

Join Alishia Seckam in conversation with our panel of industry experts will explore and share insights on:

  • Digital transformation trends and barriers that should be top-of-mind for leaders;
  • The next-gen technologies that are at the centre of a digital transformation approach, including cloud technology, AI and more;
  • How organisations should leverage disruptive technologies to remain competitive in this rapidly changing landscape;
  • Digital literacy as a critical competency and how can it be encouraged more
  • Best practices for sustained digital transformation supported by a data-driven and consumer-centric culture; and
  • The future outlook of data protection and emerging solutions to improve backup and data management.

Panel members include:

  • Chris Norton – regional director: Africa, Veeam Software
  • Machaka Mosehana – director: Centre for Entrepreneurship, Johannesburg Business School (JBS)
  • Myles Thies – director: digital learning services, Eiffel Corp
  • Wesley Lynch – CEO, Snapplify

Event details:

  • Date: 20 September 2022
  • Time: 10.00am-11.00am
  • Location: Online or in-person

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