‘Now in the know’

Leadership in the new network era requires an ‘Iconoclast’, someone with the courage to troubleshoot comfort zones. The network era is about creative collaboration. You can think of Walt Disney as your great uncle. He was the quintessential amalgamation of creativity, technology and business – predicting the future by creating it and then taking us along with him.

In his eBook, Adapting to Perpetual Beta, Harold Jarche relates the dynamically changing nature of work to a non-hierarchical networked organisation, managing for complexity and building trust. Today’s organisations require radically alternate leadership, leadership that settles for creative uncertainty as the new status quo.

Tomorrow’s leaders are to be found among this ‘augmented intelligent’ citizenry with immediate sharing and access to their ideas via technology as the ‘seventh sense’. Open information highways and access to shared knowledge assets form part of any new dynamic leadership. There is no alternative in the midst of the complex systems and seemingly intractable problems we are tasked with solving. Business must be flexible but not break, think way beyond the ‘next’, but act now making sense of unpredictable probabilities. The right systems will free us up to do just that.

Automation is a crucial supporting technology in striving for transformation within organisations, spanning people, processes and technology.

According to Forrester, automation transformation requires the mastery of six competencies – strategy, process, prioritisation, people, structure and operations.

Intelligent enterprises know the recipe to take transformation seriously, optimising operations and delivering faster, more-reliable experiences to their customers. They enable innovation for developers and business leaders wanting edge technology whilst delivering efficiency, built-in management and enhanced security.

For the last two decades, JumpCO Consulting has navigated its clients through complex large-scale enterprise solutions. We have harvested their legacy investments through integration, business process management and cloud implementations, and reimagined business solutions through agile microservices, data-driven platforms and rich user experiences across multiple responsive channels. Critically, we’ve journeyed with both management and staff on transformative journeys to respond to increasingly accelerated digital demand so no one is left behind.

And this is equally true of our choice of leading vendor solutions and partnerships.

Consider an on-demand collection of IBM Cloud Pak® solutions, an AI-infused software portfolio, running on the market-leading hybrid cloud container platform, Red Hat® OpenShift®.

With Red Hat® OpenShift® and IBM Cloud Pak® your business takes a digital leap enabling you to develop and consume cloud services anywhere without any encumbered infrastructure, legacy or expensive foundational development.

These solutions can help organisations advance digital transformation with data insights, prediction, security, automation and modernisation across any cloud environment.

The challenge for businesses in this digital age is not to reinvent the technology but to reimagine your business with the technology investments we’ve already made for you.

Leadership today is an architectural task, the setting up of the right systems to function in an interconnected world. Using an agile, collaborative approach the JumpCO team is ready to assist your organisation in defining your unique digital transformation strategy by architecting for the future. Get in touch: https://jumpco.io/contact-us/