TripleTech leverages Oracle cloud services for efficient and optimised IT business services

By Alex Gukool (CEO, TripleTech) and Vishal Soockeea (Sales Manager for Technology, Oracle SADC)

Cloud technologies, especially the latest Oracle Cloud solutions, are accelerating digital transformation and supporting business efficiency and continuity in a more challenging, Covid-stricken world. Alex Gukool, Chief Executive Officer for Mauritius-based TripleTech IT services company and Vishal Soockeea, Sales Manager for Technology, Oracle SADC, expand on this.

TripleTech is relatively new in the IT solutions provider market but already has an impressive portfolio of clients and partners. Tell us more about the company.

Alex Gukool: TripleTech is a Mauritius-based IT management company founded in 2017. We are relatively new but have very high expertise and an impressive track record on projects in Africa and beyond. We use the latest and most efficient technology from world-renowned names such as Oracle. We specialise in IT management, IT infrastructure, disaster recovery and audit services. We are here to help businesses of all sizes in Mauritius, in mainland Africa and across the globe in optimising their IT. We firmly believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution and we provide customised services to our customers with the support of our technology partners.

We have successfully implemented IT projects in many areas of business and industries by leveraging the skills and experience of TripleTech’s team and the efficiency and reliability of our partners’ solutions. We have served major companies in real estate, hospitality, financial services,  Business Process Outsourcing, construction, shopping and leisure property, healthcare, legal services and aviation. Our footprint covers 12 countries, mainly in Africa but also in the Caribbean. We needed to transform the company’s business model to offer our customers business IT services via the cloud – hence our collaboration with Oracle.

Why the choice of Oracle to deliver your cloud solutions?

Alex Gukool: Every business is unique, but their technology demands are no different. Cloud technology needs to enable consistent delivery of services, in a cost-effective way. Oracle’s Cloud offering made it possible for cloud technology to be structured and tailored to TripleTech’s environment through its interoperable and open-cloud solutions, bringing affordable and flexible cloud to our organisation.

Choosing the right partner is crucial for businesses to successfully embrace cloud technologies and unleash their potential for business continuity and growth — an even more difficult challenge in a Covid-19-impacted local, regional and global economy. TripleTech is here to guide and support businesses in implementing the most efficient cloud solutions built on the latest technologies such as Oracle’s.

The past year has driven immense change, fast-forwarding the future into the present in no uncertain terms. We’ve seen that the more digital an organisation is, the better it can adapt. While the Indian Ocean Islands region has previously been a bit slow in terms of its cloud maturity levels, this has now changed dramatically and adoption has become much more prevalent. TripleTech was the first service provider to implement the latest generation of Oracle cloud solutions in Mauritius.

What value-add does the latest Oracle cloud solutions bring to businesses?

Vishal Soockeea: In the quest for digital transformation, cloud is providing many of the answers. It enables access to the storage of an explosion of heterogeneous data and the power to process it for business-benefiting insights. It’s a platform that enables organisations to pivot and adapt as new changes unfold. Our customers can build the cloud solution that best fits their requirements and budgets. Companies of all sizes have moved to Oracle Cloud for its superior technology, price-performance advantages, and dedication to partnering with businesses on their cloud journeys. First-generation clouds are built on decade-old technologies. Oracle’s second-generation cloud provides significant advantages, including the world’s first and only autonomous database, multi-cloud strategy, a unique shared-responsibility security model, and efficient architecture, which, when paired with superior economics, is saving customers millions of dollars.

Alex Gukool: Using Oracle technology and support was a smart choice for TripleTech in our endeavour to serve our customers. Choosing the right technology partner for the digital transformation and cloud migration journey is critical. Oracle has the vision and capabilities that TripleTech needs to achieve its objectives.